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Man Haters Women's Club

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WomanSavers.com [
Posted on January 05, 2007 @ 1:42 pm

[ mood | disappointed ]

Dear Ass-wipe,

I posted you on http://www.womansavers.com for all the world to see how you cheated on me and hurt me emotionally and physically. I pray that you will never hurt another but I know because you are good looking and charming, another prey will fall trap in your web of lies.

Someday a greater power will judge you but until that time I will let the world know my story.

Forever Scarred

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Posted on May 29, 2006 @ 10:19 pm

[ mood | angry ]

Hello! First time poster.

I haven't used Livejournal much, so I'm sorry if I make a mistake. I don't know much about this. (I'm attempting an LJ cut! *Hopes it works*)

Anyways! A bit of background information. I'm Canadian, and My Boyfriend is English. We've been together about a year(he's only displaying odd behavior now... Never has before). We go back and forth, and our parents have met. We had a fight not too long ago, as he thinks any shirt that shows even the top part of cleavage is slutty(Basically, anything that isn't a round necked shirt, and there's no way I could wear a bathing suit...), and gets angry when I wear something like that. He'll pull up a shirt if he finds it too low, or generally freaks out (I'm just finding out now how controlling he is. He can do whatever he wants, talk to whomever he wants, and yet if I speak to a guy, he gets jealous). Anyways. He loves his football, and lives in a town 40 minutes away from London (easily accessible from his hometown by train). He informed me I'd 'stay home' on my holiday there this year while he went to his games... And freaked when I mentioned going to London by myself. So, no low cut shirts for me, and no going anywhere without him. Hmm. He also seems to think everything has to do with "Girl power" and "feminism". Sighh. Why did he show NO signs of his psychotic ways until just recently???
convoCollapse )

I don't know why he's like this... I just want him to be normal like before. =S What do I do?

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todays man rant... [
Posted on May 21, 2006 @ 11:26 pm

discussing lunch with husband.. on the way out of the room I noticed Isabella woke up from her nap. I pick her up, give her kisses and go to hand her to nick. I tell him that he needs to feed her while I cook his lunch. He looks up and says "Why, she seems fine". grr, she still needs to eat!

So, I ended up feeding her, then cooking his lunch. Can't give off the computer for 5 freaking minutes.
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Welcome!!! [
Posted on May 15, 2006 @ 12:20 am

Welcome to manh8ergirlclub
I would like to give a great big thanks to the lovely Mod ojitosverdes For putting together the layout for us!!

This is a community is for women to come and complain about there men are just any man they know that makes them want to pull ther hair out of there head sometimes!!!
(Yes This happens to me alot that is why I made this community)
So If you are one of those people then come on In and join us!!
There is no need to feel like you're Alone out there because I'm sure there are TONS of men in the world who just tick us women off!!

So plz come and join us and tell your friends as well!!!
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